Thermography Services

Definition of Clinical Thermography

- Thermography simply means "Picture of Heat".
- Clinical Thermography is a diagnostic imaging procedure that detects, records, and produces an image of skin surface temperature by measuring the infrared radiation emitted wavelengths between 0.8mm and 1.0mm.

Benefits of Thermography

- Thermography is a Non Invasive
- Has No Risk
- Is Radiation Free
- Causes No Pain

Usefulness of Thermography

- Shows pain objectively with visual images, helpful in detecting the location of pain and the source of pain.

More Information on Thermography


Allows for more effective treatment of pain.

  • To define the extent of a lesion for which a diagnosis has previously been made.
  • To localise an abnormal area not previously identified so further diagnostic tests can be performed.
  • To detect lesions early before they are clinically evident.
  • To monitor the healing process before a patient is returned to work.
  • Treatment Evaluation by comparing Pre- and Post- images.
  • Screening of Inflammatory Conditions such as Arthritic/Rheumatic disease etc.
  • Invaluable in providing information for clinical evaluation.