Smoking Cessation Testimonials

At GrassRoots we offer a totally unique Smoking Cessation program that is not available anywhere else!

"I took the plunge and decided to quit smoking because my health has not been so great and I needed to do something positive for myself. I had thought about it for a while and then I made the big phone call and got an appointment. When I went for my first session I was very nervous but I soon felt at ease as the program was explained to me. I was extremely surprised at how I managed to get through it without much for cravings and I never felt like I would come unglued at all! I feel great and now I am proud to say that I am a non smoker. I recommend Grassroots Smoking Cessation program for anyone who is looking for a way to quit smoking. It's so nice to have this available right here in Estevan!! "

- L.V. Estevan

"I started smoking when I was 16 years old so that means I smoked for half of my life! I was a heavy smoker and my wife and family were very concerned for my health. I was wheezing and coughing and generally felt "unwell". I knew I smelled bad and had to smoke outside which meant I missed a lot of time with my family. I tried to quit smoking several times and never had any success. My family encouraged me to try the Smoking Cessation program at Grassroots and after thinking about it for a while, I decided that it was a good option for me. I must admit that I was a little nervous and worried that I would have a hard time but to my great relief, the program at Grassroots made quitting smoking not so hard after all. To my surprise, I did not have the usual withdrawal symptoms and felt pretty calm and relaxed. I am sleeping much better and I find it easier to get up in the morning. I am no longer wheezing and coughing. My wife and family are very proud of me... even though I had to do it for myself! I am no longer a smoker AND with the money I have saved, I was able to purchase a brand new car for my wife!! I would recommend the Smoking Cessation program at Grassroots for anyone who wants to be a non smoker. You will be amazed... like me! "

- Jeff D. Estevan, SK. (Update: Jeff has been a non smoker for four years now!)

"January 1, 2012 was my decision day. That was the day I decided I would quit smoking for good and made up my mind to "Just do it". So I made my appointment at Grassroots and got started on January 9th. I will celebrate two years of no smoking on Jan 9th 2014! I can now visit my grandkids and not worry about smelling bad and being embarrassed to be around them for being a smoker. I worried about the example I was to them but not anymore! There were my biggest cheerleaders when they realized that I had quit! I feel so good about my decision and being able to take my life back from the trap of nicotine. I recommend the quit smoking program at Grassroots. It sure worked for me! "

- Carl J. Estevan (Update: Carl has been smoke free for over 3 and a half years!!)

"My doctor told me I needed to quit smoking because my health was suffering and my lungs were bad. I took his advice to heart and went in to Grassroots to see if they could help me out. I started the next week and with their help I was able to quit smoking without too much trouble. I had almost nothing for cravings and I was surprised that I felt pretty relaxed through it all. I really enjoyed the AlphaOxy sessions too. If you want to quit smoking, please do yourself a favor and take this program. It is great to be a non smoker now and I am feeling a lot better and not coughing my lungs out anymore. Oh, and my doc is happy for me too! "

- Sandy T. Estevan SK

"I am happy to say that I am no longer smoking. I have been smoke free for six months and I feel so much better. I have more energy, no more coughing and my sleep apnea has improved so much I can hardly believe it. This was by far the best and easiest way I have tried to quit PLUS it worked! I am glad I got the courage to go to Grassroots for help. "

- Richard K. Estevan

"I have been smoke free for one whole year now and looking back I am amazed that I have been able to accomplish my goal of being a non smoker. I had tried so many things including the patch, pills, hypnosis, a laser session, and of course cold turkey but I was never able to quite "make it". I decided to try one last time using the program at Grassroots and found that it was totally different from anything I had encountered before. When I started I was nervous, skeptical and desperate to quit! I learned so much through the program and I was encouraged every step of the way. I also found that my stress level during the process was amazingly low and totally surprising! After a year now I feel like I can give my testimonial as a success story. I have learned to cherish my "gift" of being a non smoker and I encourage anyone who is thinking of quitting to call GrassRoots. These gals really know how to help you get free of smoking! "

- Jan B. Williston ND

"If you have been thinking about quitting smoking I encourage you to get yourself over to GrassRoots where they will help you kick the habit! I was [it's feels so good to say WAS] a smoker for 42 years and I had tried so many times to quit and I used a whole bunch of different ways to quit but I just couldn't seem to get past a few days and there I was smoking again! A friend told me about Grassroots and how it helped her to quit so I thought what the heck...I might as well try it too. The first thing I learned was why I could never seem to quit before which made so much sense to me. As I was walking to my car after my first session, I remember thinking that this time I just might make it. I had expected to have massive cravings, lots of stress and feeling jittery and cranky like I always did before but aside from a few thoughts about having a smoke I never had any of the struggles I thought I would have. By the last day I felt great about myself and I really felt like a non smoker. That was several months ago and I am happy to say I have never looked back. I have used all of the "tools" that I was given and I am very grateful for the gift of freedom that I received. Grassroots has put together a really different program that you won't find anywhere else! If you truly want to quit smoking, this is a great way to do it! "

- C.L. Estevan

"I was finally able to quit smoking by using the Laser Smoking program at GrassRoots! It was more than just a short laser session. I learned a lot about why I have never been able to quit before. The program included lots of information, my supplements and 3 Laser Acutherapy sessions. I also had the detox in the "pod" which I really loved. I am so happy with my decision to give this program a try and I have been smoke free for several weeks now! No cravings at all and I feel so much better. If I can do this anyone can. Give Connie a call at Grassroots and see what can happen for you! "

- Tanya R. Estevan SK

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