Smoking Cessation Services

At GrassRoots we offer a totally unique Smoking Cessation program that is not available anywhere else!

Why is our Smoking Cessation Program
so successful?

We have put together a cutting edge collection that includes Laser Therapy, Acutherapy, Neuro Linguistics, Herbal Supplement and a Smoking Cessation Handbook to create a winning combination designed to give you the best possible results!

If you are ready to quit
smoking we can help you...

Session 1: Please allow two hours for your initial visit
• Assessment and Health History.
• Program orientation.
• Overview of addiction to tobacco and nicotine.
• Overview of recovery from tobacco and nicotine.
• Acutherapy protocol to initiate hormone balance and tobacco smoke detoxification.
• Laser protocol for system balance and nicotine detoxification.
• Program Manual.
• Homeopathic supplement included.

Session 2: Please allow 45 - 60 minutes for this visit
• Progress review.
• Laser protocol for Emotional connection to smoking.
• Laser protocol for Neuro/Hormonal Balance.
• Neuro Linguistic Integration Technique.

Session 3: Please allow 30 - 45 minutes for this visit
• Progress review.
• Laser protocol for psychological connection to smoking.
• Laser protocol for cigarette chemical detox.
• Progress review.

Information to Consider

Our Smoking Cessation Program

- Why have I not been able to quit smoking?
- How does it all work?
- Low Intensity Laser Therapy

Health Benefits of Quitting Smoking

Children and Second Hand Smoke

Addictive Tobacco Additives

Photos of Smokers Lungs

    - WARNING - photos on this page may be graphic and disturbing.

The program works best with the three visits taking place within a 5 to 7 day period. For example Monday, Wednesday and Friday or Tuesday, Thursday, Monday. We will accommodate your schedule as best as possible.

... " I was extremely surprised at how I managed to get through it without much for cravings and I never felt like I would come unglued at all! I feel great and now I am proud to say that I am a non smoker."

- L.V. Estevan

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Why do we include three treatment sessions and this unique combination?

Some stop smoking programs offer only one or two laser treatments then send you on your way.
At GrassRoots, we know that the detoxification and endorphin balancing period takes several days to accomplish. We also know that quitting smoking is more than just throwing your cigarettes or tobacco away and we want to give our clients the best opportunity for success. We also know that there are certain days during the balancing and detox process when you will need supplemental support which is included in our program. We want to provide the very best treatment for our clients because... your success is our success too!

For more information on how this unique therapy program can help you, give us a call today.