Our Services & Therapies

At GrassRoots, we offer affordable services to help those people who are looking for new and better ways of identifying and treating their particular health and well-being concerns with non-invasive and yet very effective methods. We provide personalized care plans for our all of our clients that are unique to each individual.

We are committed to ongoing education in all of our services and we strive to improve care giving through the enhancement of our skills. We pledge to honour and respect your time and the goals you wish to achieve, and we will do our utmost to ensure those goals are reached. We will refer you to other health care providers when required and we will help to empower you with as much educational information as possible.

      Health Services

Acutherapy (Bio-Energetics)

Coaching - Fatigue & Stress

Coaching - Nutritional

Holistic Weight Loss

Smoking Cessation