About GrassRoots

At GrassRoots, we offer affordable services to help those people who are looking for new and better ways of identifying and treating their particular health and well-being concerns with non-invasive and yet very effective methods. We provide personalized care plans for our all of our clients that are unique to each individual.

We are committed to ongoing education in all of our services and we strive to improve care giving through the enhancement of our skills. We pledge to honour and respect your time and the goals you wish to achieve, and we will do our utmost to ensure those goals are reached. We will refer you to other health care providers when required and we will help to empower you with as much educational information as possible.

Our Philosophy

We are especially passionate about providing natural and non-invasive services and we believe in proactive, effective and drug-free solutions whenever possible. Our goal is to Help People Heal Naturally! We call ourselves "GrassRoots" Natural Health and Wellness because we feel that we are an important part of the shift in health related thinking and beliefs and because we are rooted in natural and non-invasive services, we are able to meet the demand for proactive, effective and drug-free solutions. Our goal is to Help People Heal Naturally!

Many people are realizing that they must be responsible for their own health, that they cannot continue to neglect their health and well being and then expect "the system" to put them "back together again" and they are willing to make positive changes in that direction.

We offer a relaxed, safe, professional environment where all who come can explore alternative and non invasive ways to enjoy better health, feel nurtured, connected, stronger and empowered to feel better and look their best!

At GrassRoots Natural Health and Wellness we are at the basic fundamental level of a movement toward a more natural approach to health & wellness and with our unique collection of services we are able to assist those who are seeking alternative and natural health solutions.

Our clinic is dedicated to the memory of Kathi Orlowski who lost her life to breast cancer July 7, 2001 at the age of 47. It was her greatest wish that we would learn from her tragedy so that others might benefit from her suffering.


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